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Soft Outer Covers

Our most protective soft outer cover is our Blobby cover. It is 5cm/2inch thick and weighs approx. 5.3kg / 11.5lb. It is made with a composite of three different densities of foam, the most resilient at the corners. The foam is covered with a tough outer waterproof fabric.


The lighterweight Slimline outer cover has 1.5cm / 0.6inch semi-hard Zotefoam sandwiched between the tough black waterproof outer fabric and the inner plush lining. The degree of protection of the lighterweight Slimline cover is less than that of the Blobby, but it is nevertheless a significant addition to the protection of both instrument and case.


All covers have strong webbing handles and rings for shoulder straps.

Blobby Covers have no wheels, the case's wheels go inside the Blobby cover to protect the wheels during travel.

The lighterweight Slimline covers allow the case's wheels to be exposed so they can be used to wheel the case and cover. There is a Velcro patch for Slimline covers on cases with no wheels.

There are arguments pro and con the soft outer covers. Some players really like them for extra security and peace of mind. Other players take the view that if they arrive at check-in with just the case, there's a good possibility of being able to take their instrument into the cabin whereas if they have the case in a cover, they are likely not to be able to do that. For players who have accepted they will always check-in their instrument, a soft outer cover is then worth considering seriously.

Blobby Soft Outer Cover 5cm / 2 inch GBP 467.--    


Blobby Cover for Original ‘Cello Case ( 5.3kg / 11.5 lb) 
Blobby Cover for Small ‘Cello Case ( 5kg / 11 lb) 
Blobby Cover for Gamba Case ( 5.3kg / 11.5 lb) 

Slimline Soft Outer Cover 2cm / 0.75 inch GBP 412.-- 

Slimline Cover for Original ‘Cello Case ( 3.3kg / 7.2 lb)
Slimline cover for Small ‘Cello Case ( 2.9kg / 6.4 lb)
Slimline cover for Gamba Case ( 3.3kg / 7.2 lb)

GBP = UK pounds sterling

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