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Gamba Cases

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Although others can be made by special order, our 3 most popular specifications are: -

Carbon Composite (approx. 5.5kg / 12.2 lb)
Carbon Composite (approx. 4.7kg / 10.4 lb)

Fibreglass (approx. 8.7kg / 19.2 lb)

Like all our cases the Gamba Case can be made in carbon or fibreglass in a range of specifications. Our carbon cases have the strength and durability of fibreglass at almost half the weight.

As with our ‘cello cases the gamba is supported evenly by 22 individually sized foam pads which are covered in soft felt. Many players ask us to custom fit the padding for their particular instrument. Frequently there is more than one gamba to consider and then a compromise fit is arranged. Please ask us for our gamba size diagram for the measurements which we like to check before we make your case.

For bigger gambas
For very deep gambas we can make a special deep lid to give more clearance front-to-back. For extra tall gambas we can make a special custom "stretched" case. We have made two of these for Jaye pattern instruments.

Our Gamba Cases are fitted with superior bridle quality leather handles which are comfortable and easy to replace.

We can fit a string pocket and two bowholders. However, because some players want the option of extra long bows, we always check bow lengths with the player and discuss the most appropriate arrangement to suit their particular requirements. We can add a sheet music retaining elastic in the back of the case if requested.

Most gamba players ask for wheels on the fibreglass Gamba Case and a few also on our carbon Case, this is optional. Our wheels have hard wearing stainless steel replaceable mounts with rubber bushes and good quality ball bearings. So there is reasonable cushioning over bumps. The wheels weigh 480gm.

Other options include replaceable fibreglass or carbon buffers for the top edge of the case and the bottom corner edges where cases get most knocks. We can provide a strong shoulder carry strap or a choice of backpack straps (including the Fiedler system). Most components on the cases are replaceable; we can send studs, handles and replacement pads for new gambas anywhere in the world.

The maximum external dimensions of our regular Gamba Case are

(h) 1.39m / 4ft 7inch x (w-across hips) 0.51m / 1ft 8inch x (d - bridge to back) 0.33m / 1ft 1inch

Our cases are normally white but we can make them in any other colour on request. White cases reflect direct sunlight so that gambas are less likely to get hot inside the cases.

Soft outer covers
We supply two types of Soft Outer Cover. Our Blobby Cover provides an extra 5cm / 2 inch of protection and our Slimline Cover provides an additional 2cm / 0.75inch of protection.

Prices and despatch time
Our normal terms are for prepayment. Payment may be made by bank transfer. We send cases worldwide, usually by UPS airfreight. Please email or call us for a transport price. All prices + 20% VAT for UK customers. VAT is not chargeable on cases that are exported.

"GBP" = UK Pounds Sterling

The Stevenson Gamba Case prices

Carbon composite approx. 5.5kg / 12.2 lb GBP 2,385.--
Carbon composite approx. 4.7kg / 10.4 lb GBP 2,385.--

Fibreglass approx. 8.7kg / 19.2 lb GBP 1,457.--

Soft outer covers

Blobby Soft Outer Cover 5cm / 2 inch GBP 467.--
Slimline Soft Outer Cover 2cm / 0.75 inch GBP 412.--


Wheels stainless steel mount (1lb 1oz / 480g) GBP 74.--
Top Edge and Corner Buffers GBP 39.--
Carrying Strap Fixings only GBP 12.--
Carrying Strap GBP 28.--
Colour choice other than white GBP 42.--
Padlock Fixings only GBP 8.--
Padlock GBP 12-18.--
Felt Cape GBP 30.--
Simple Backpack GBP 54.--
Fiedler Backpack GBP 196.--


Delivery/Transport please contact us 

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