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Lute, theorbo & other cases

We have made a number of custom cases for both lutes and theorboes of varying sizes and shapes. The adaptability, strength and light weight of carbon construction is ideal for the maximum protection of these delicate and vunerable instruments. These are very strong travel cases.


prices and despatch time
Prices for carbon composite lute cases are from GBP 2,000.--

Prices for carbon composite theorbo cases are from GBP 2,500.--

All prices + 20% VAT for UK customers. VAT is not chargeable on cases that are exported.

Please contact us for more details.

the Stevenson Variable Sized Case
In response to many requests over the years, we have developed a new adaptable system which enables us to make protective cases for unusual and different instruments of all kinds and shapes, on a one off basis if required.

Our system enables us to construct the outer shell tailor–made to fit an individual instrument, as well as fitting the inside with custom-fitted padding.

Like all our cases the Special Cases can be made in carbon or fibreglass in a range of specifications. Our carbon cases have the strength and durability of fibreglass at almost half the weight. As with all our cases we make sure the instrument is evenly supported with pads and straps as appropriate.

Illustrated here is a strong fibreglass case made for a beautiful small baroque bass. We are at present making a similar case for a violone in the USA which has long turning pegs. We can also make this case for a Kora or a Theorbo.

We make a super-strong shipping 'cello case this way too.


The Special cases use closings made of elastic shockcord fixed by tough anchor tabs. When the elastic shockcord or the anchor tabs are broken or worn they can be easily and inexpensively replaced without the need for fibreglass or carbon repairs. The cases are fitted with superior bridle quality leather handles which are comfortable and easy to replace. Wheels with rubber gaskets are fitted and take much of the weight of the case and offer some cushioning over bumps.


colour options
Our cases are normally white but we can make them in any other colour on request. White cases reflect direct sunlight so that instruments are less likely to get hot inside.


prices and despatch time
The prices of variable sized Special Cases can be given on request. All prices + 20% VAT for UK customers. VAT is not chargeable on cases that are exported.

Our normal terms are for prepayment. Payment may be made by bank transfer. We send cases worldwide, by sea or airfreight. Each of our Special Cases is priced individually. Please contact us directly for product and transport prices. We can usually despatch cases within five weeks after having all details confirmed.     

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