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ALAN STEVENSON ('cello & bass cases)
460 Unthank Road, Norwich NR4 7QJ, England
tel: 0 1603 502350    email:

Updated 2nd April 2024 

(summary: one Original model travel 'cello case soon available and one 3/4 size carbon bass case available)

These cases are offered on a first-come basis.  Cases 'under offer' are being held for a player who has said they wish to buy that particular case.

GBP  = UK pounds sterling.  

Prices are ex-works and excluding VAT which must be added for cases supplied within the UK.  We do not charge VAT on cases which are exported.

Re-padding 'cello cases for a particular instrument would be included in the price, unless otherwise stated, depending on what is required.   Extra straps, wheels and handles etc. can be adjusted if necessary.

Unless otherwise stated, used cases will always be in excellent condition structurally, we wouldn't re-sell unless this was so. 

There are pictures of the different model cases on our website.

Although cases formerly owned by professional 'cellists and bassists will show the signs of use, they will be priced accordingly.

They will have been thoroughly checked over and where necessary refurbished.  They will be in good functional condition from the point of view of protecting the instruments.  


New Very Slightly Smaller Classical Shape (curvy) 'Cello Cases: (for very small 'cellos):

Case HSS, ex-hire case, regular fibreglass, white finish, Approx. 6.5kg or 7kg depending on internal pads type.
…. GBP 890.-- (less 40% off the new price)
One of two similar cases were made at very short notice for a London school for an overseas tour to South Africa with smaller 'cellos.  Case HSS has also been to Sri Lanka and back twice with 'cellos inside.

Classical Shape (curvy) 'Cello Cases: 

None available at present.

Original Model 'Cello Cases (with the extra hinge at the head):

One Original model fibreglass travel case may become available soon, currently with owner in S. London, details to follow.

Other 'cello cases left with us as trade-in  

None available at present.

Bass Viol Cases: 

None available at present.

Double Bass Cases:

Bass case - carbon - slightly smaller model, for 3/4 basses.
(Case xV) Used, carbon, approx. 19kg / 42 lb.  This is a very lightweight double bass case, in excellent condition, having been used for only a very few flights.  It is owned by a bassist now in a Swiss orchestra, having used the case while he was studying.  Now this player has a bigger bass and has bought one of our full size carbon bass cases and has asked us to sell-on the slightly smaller case.  The case is in our workshop now and is good clean condition and of course structurally in A1 condition.   In the Double Bass Cases section there is a picture showing the same type of case, as you view standing to the right of a full size case.  Pictures of this particular case for sale coming shortly.
Suggested price, subject to agreement with the owner  …. GBP 3,557.-- (33% off the new price) 



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