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Double Bass Cases

Although others can be made by special order, our 3 most popular specifications are: 

2 layers of fibreglass with gelcoat finish (approx. 32kg / 70.5 lb)
3 layers of fibreglass with gelcoat finish (approx. 35kg / 77 lb)

Carbon composite (approx. 20kg / 44 lb and upwards as required)

We have been making our bass case since 1971 and during that time we have constantly improved and refined its design. Our aim has been to design a case which will give maximum protection to the bass while remaining as portable as possible. Our cases are made entirely by hand, not vacuum formed or sprayed. Extensive reinforcement at all key points make our bass case tremendously strong. It has been tested successfully by being dropped with a bass inside from eight feet onto concrete. The bass was undamaged, ready to play.

In 2003 we completely redesigned the bass case to give more protection for the same weight and to enable easier maintenance anywhere in the world.


The main improvements to cases after 2003 are:
i) a tongue-and-groove join between trunk and lid resulting in a much stronger case.
ii) strengthened wheels area and rubber gaskets between wheels and case
iii) more depth bridge-to-back
iv) easier access to parts and easier to dismantle and reassemble
Although 99% of basses fit into our standard case we can build cases for basses of all sizes. 


Basses vary so much that it is not practical to make a standard internal padding. Most bassists also use more than one instrument so customised padding does not work. The cases have a system of supporting straps and basic padding which will hold different instruments very securely. This system has proved to be extremely satisfactory. Many players use their soft covers together with loose extra padding and the straps.


We can make even stronger, heavier cases in fibreglass or carbon if an orchestra or touring big band opts for an extra heavy-duty case.


The maximum external dimensions of our standard bass case are: (h) 2.18m / 7ft 2inch x (w-across hips) 0.95m / 3ft 1inch x (d - bridge to back) 0.65m / 2ft 2inch.


For unusually shaped instruments or for extra-small basses we make cases by different method: see our other cases page.

All our bass cases use closings made of elastic shockcord fixed by tough anchor tabs. When the elastic shockcord or the anchor tabs are broken or worn they can be easily and inexpensively replaced without the need for fibreglass repairs. Handles, wheels and hardwood runners can also be replaced quite easily.

Colour options
Cases can be any colour but white is the most common choice because it is an important safety factor. When the Spanish Authorities left the BBC Symphony Orchestra's loaded cases in the midday sun at Barcelona Airport, the orchestral handler reported to us that the basses remained quite cool in their white cases, whereas the tamtam, in its black case, was too hot to touch and its lacquer had melted.

bass size

If a player knows that a bass is bigger than average or has Vienna tuning pegs, then it's prudent to check the instrument's sizes with us.

prices and despatch time

Our normal terms are for prepayment. Payment may be made by bank transfer. We send cases worldwide, by sea or airfreight. Please email or call us for a transport price.

All prices + 20% VAT for UK customers. VAT is not chargeable on cases that are exported. 

"GBP" = UK Pounds Sterling.

Stevenson Bass Case prices ....

2-layer fibreglass with gelcoat finish, 32kg / 70.5 lb …. GBP 2,960.--

3-layer fibreglass with gelcoat finish, 35kg / 77 lb …. GBP 3,100.--

Carbon composite from 20kg / 44 lb …. GBP 5,309.--

Colours other than white GBP 42.--
Hardwood runners on the back of the case GBP 33.--

We are very happy to deal directly with customers from anywhere in the world. North American customers may obtain our Bass Cases from:

NM 87110
tel: 505 889 2999


BcaseRegularConfiguration,Poellmann 5-string bass (a).JPG
CarbonBcaseRegularConfiguration, Vicenzo Panormo bass.jpg
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